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10 Ollywood Monsoon numbers

Monsoon in films spells magic, romance, intensity, drama or poetry. Its interpretation varies from context to context resulting in assorted vistas and multiple dimensions of the same. Like other regional Indian and Bollywood films , Odia films soundtrack conveys a significant chunk of the script and that’s why rain songs capturing the essence of downpour-triggered delight or distress is its most recognized form. Rain song made its Ollywood debut in 1959 in the film Sri Sri Mahalaxmi Puja with the song “Akasare kete bijuli chamake”. After that it took a long 3 years for Sharada Nayak to shoot another song in rain — “Barida re tu ja na” – in “Laxmi”(1962). Apart that there are many monsoon song shoot in different films . But since music is all about preference and perception, here’s a list of 10 most favourite rain songs of Ollywood . But the list doesn’t ends here .There are many more monsoon songs which are welcomed by audience .

1. Megha barasila Tupuru Tupuru & Hi re hi garaje megha ghum ghum – Sesha Srabana

2. Barsha my Darling , Barsa rani – Barsha my Darling

3.Barsa Barsa my Love Barsa – Gapa hele bi Sata

4. Mayuri go tuma akashe mu dine – Arundhati

5. Rim Jhim Rim Jhim Barsa – pagala karichi Paunji tora

6. Megha ru tu Jharilu – Prema Adhei Akshara

7. Nei Ja re Megha Mote – Balidan

8.Mu to hero gori tu heroine – Hero

9.Jyotshna re bhijithile – Mo Mana Khali Tori Pain

10.Barasha barasha – Tumaku Pauni Ta Bhuli

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