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10 Odia films related to Lord Jagannath


Lord Jagannath is the heart and soul of every Odia. The life of every Odia begins and ends with Lord Jagannath . The film of 80’s & 90’s are not only the witness of unqiue Odia tradition and culture but also features the emotions of  every Odia for Lord Jagannath . If we look at our Odia films  , we would come across many films in which the director had beautifully narrated  the love and devotion of Odia’s  towards the God of the Universe “LORD JAGANNATH”. Sometimes in form of the title of the film else in form of songs or dialogues. Here we bring you 10 films whose titles are named after Lord Jagannath or some how related to the Lord of the Universe .

10 Odia films related to Lord Jagannath

1 . Jai Jagannath

2. Hisab kariba Kalia

3. Pua mora Kala thakura

4. Bahudibe mora Jaga balia

5. Kalki Avatar

6. Jaga Hatare Pagha

7.Chaka Akhi Sabu Dekhuchi

8.Pathara Kheluchi Bada Deulu

9. Sakhi rahila ae singha duara

10. Tu thile mo dara kahaku

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