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10 interesting cameos in Ollywood

They say good things come in small packages.The rule applies to movies too – where guest appearances by certain actors brings a certain glamour to Ollywood movies.Whether they be a small role, a song and dance sequence or even stars appearing as themselves – cameos are not so underrated a part in movies.

OdiaLive brings you the 10 interesting cameos in Ollywood .

Akash dasnayak biography

Akash Dasnayak in Prem Rogi 

Sabyasachi Mishra in Prem Rogi  

Barsha Priyadarsini in Mu tate Luv Karuchi 


Subashis Sharma in Matric Fail


A song was filmed on Anubhav Mohanty in film Omm


Babushan in Jhiata Bigidigala 

Arindam Roy in Romeo The Lover Boy 

Akash Dasnayak in Tu kahibu na Mu 


Akash Dasnayak in Rumku Jhumana 


Various Ollywood stars in ACP Ranvir