Ummeed Short Film Trailer


“UMMEED” is a movie which will show a ray of hope to live the life positively and in each character you will find yourself. Its the 1st creation of  Team Scheme which presents a short movie based on hope  for
leading a life with positive aspects all .With the film the young director has tried to express a new defination of life . According to him every individual should know what life is and what is its value ? The film is a  Scheme The creativity continues production .

Ummeed : The hope for a positive life  !

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Director : Siddharth Goutam and Sumit Panda 

Concept,Story and Poem : Sumit Panda

Editing , Background score and Effects : Nilachal Nayak

Cinematography : Rajaneekanta  Mishra and Sujit Jena

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  1. Awsome work guys… And best of luck further Sumit and Rajneekant and others… As I have already saod before may this umeed bring out umeed for othrs in their life. Salute to all members

  2. Great work. Inspirational and Motivational movies are what today’s generation need to learn from. Not just the story of the movie, even behind the scenes are motivational. Keep going Bros. Awesome work.!!

    • And i thank for promoting this movie and also wish them good luck for their success..

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