Odisha Hall Weekly Update

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Film Halls Cuttack Update

Brundaban : Ok Jaanu (Hindi/4 Shows)

Grand Cinema :   XxX : Return of Xander cage (Hindi/_ Shows)

Jayashree :   Tumaku dekhila Pare (Odia /4 Shows)

Samrat : Dil Diwana Heigala (Odia/ 4 Shows)

Nishamani : Haunted Resort(Hindi/ 4 Shows)

Sangam Mini Plex  :  Dil Diwana Heigala (Odia/ _ Shows) // XxX : Return of Xander cage (Hindi/2 Shows) // Ok Jaanu (Hindi/4 Shows)

BK Salipur : Dil Diwana Heigala (Odia/ _ Shows)

Nirakar Tangi : 

Film Halls Bhubaneswar Update

Shriya :   Dil Diwana Heigala (Odia/ 4 Shows)

Stutee :   Ok Jaanu (Hindi/2 Shows)

Maharaja  : Ok Jaanu (Hindi/5 Shows) // XxX : Return of Xander cage (Hindi/1 Show)

Swati :  Tumaku dekhila Pare (Odia /3 Shows) // XxX : Return of Xander cage (Hindi/2 Shows)

Keshari :  XxX : Return of Xander cage (Hindi/1 Show) // Ok Jaanu (Hindi/2 Shows)

Ekamra : Dil Diwana Heigala (Odia/ _ Shows)

Ravi :  Tumaku dekhila Pare (Odia /_ Shows) // Ok Jaanu (Hindi/2 Shows)

Film Halls Berhampur Update

Gautam :  Ok Jaanu (Hindi/4 Shows)

Rukmini : 

Shakti  : 

Payal : Dil Diwana Heigala (Odia/ _ Shows)

Shiva : ________________

Film Halls Sambalpur Update

Eyelex  :   Dil Diwana Heigala (Odia/ _ Shows) //  Tumaku dekhila Pare (Odia /_ Shows) //Ok Jaanu (Hindi/_ Shows)

Laxmi : Dil Diwana Heigala (Odia/ _ Shows)


Film Halls Rourkela Update

Uma :  Tumaku dekhila Pare (Odia /_ Shows)

Konark : Dil Diwana Heigala (Odia/ _ Shows)

Eyelex Cineplex  (1 & 2) : Dil Diwana Heigala (Odia/ _ Shows) // Ok Jaanu (Hindi/_ Shows)

PSR Cinema (1 & 2) :     XxX : Return of Xander cage (Hindi/2 Shows) // Ok Jaanu (Hindi/_ Shows)

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