Daibikruta – Restoring the Lost Spirit


Daibikruta is a documentary montage that showcases Bhubaneswar but it sends out a message to revive the lost pride.

Daibikruta – Restoring the Lost Spirit 

a VIRTUAL SHOWREEL  Presentation.
an   Odialive OnLine Release

Directed and Edited by: Suman Saurabh Mohanty
Associate directors : Sujit Jena, Akash Samal
Director of photography: Boon Pattnaik
Associate cinematographer : Amalendu Dey
Titled by : Pallavi Priyadarshini
Music by : Ross Simpson and Joe Satriani
Audio Engineered by : Mahesh Ranjan Pradhan
Written and Narrated by : Dev Kumar Mohanty

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  1. Very immature piece of work. Even a class 5 student can do. What is new in this video, there are roads, railway station, temples. These exist everywhere in the world. Who is the narrator I want to meet him once and give award for his English accent (sarcasm). Ask him what is the pronunciation of word 'Lindsay'. One thing I tell you nobody knows Bhubaneswar if you go out of the state and they don't care to know also. Bhubaneswar is nothing but a place of increasing crime and nothing else. Nothing can be done to Bhubaneswar. I know how people of Orissa talk with each other. You talk about motherland and I hear people abusing each others mothers in slightest quarrel.

  2. Hello Mr. Suman and Dev Mohanty

    I am quite a lot impressed by your initiative and thank you for sharing the same with everyone!!
    It is really nice that we have so many talented folks like you who represent our state, our country marvelously!!

    Great work guys!!

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