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Gotie Sari by Susmita Das


“Gotie Sari” – The songs of a mynah Bird has 8 Odia folk songs in a contemporary format.The album is a musical treat for all Odia music lovers. All the songs in the album are sung by famous Odia singer Susmita Das and Om Prakash Mohanty has beautifully composed all the songs.

The lyrics of the songs are penned by Pratibha Ray, Devdas Chhotray, Kulamani Biswal, Mohit Chakraborty and Om Prakash Mohanty. The songs are not only popular in Odisha but all appreciated by many Odia music lovers across the globe.

Susmita Das –

Regular artists in the AIR, Cuttack, and various TV channels. Regularly performs in stage shows and cultural events both in and outside Bhubaneswar, including those in Rourkela, Sambalpur, Angul, Delhi, Mumbai, Dehradun, Jamshedpur, etc. She is also a renowned Odia singer across the globe.

On average, she performs in 3-4 such shows in a month. In All India Radio, her renditions include modern Odia songs, devotional songs, and Odissi. In the stage shows she sings mostly Hindi and Odia film songs, devotional songs, ghazals, modern non-film songs, Odissi, and semi-classical songs. She specializes in Hindi and Odia film songs of yesteryears.

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