Cuttack-Odisha Tourist Place in Odisha

Ganeshghat Sai Baba Temple,Cuttack


Om Sai Ram . Sradha Saburi .

Ganeshghat Siridi Sai Baba Temple  is one of the oldest Temple in Cuttack of Odisha.Thousands of devotees comes here to seek blessings of Baba every day , especially Thursday which is Sai Baba’s beloved day . The temple trustee also organizes different funtions & Pujas of Sai Baba throughout the year .

A long queue of the devotees is noticed every Thursday for darshan . People from different places of Cuttack & near by villages like Jagatpur , Choudwar comes here . Lunch is arranged for people every Thursday .

You will be finding a lots of shops outside the temple , where you will find different images of Baba , Puja items , the most favourite Rose flower & Sai Baba idols & dresses which is brought by the shopkeepers from Siridi . You will be finding here differnt biographies of Sai Baba by different authors , also other books related to Baba & Baba’s bhajan vcds & dvds .

There are other Sai Baba temples in the SILVER CITY OF ODISHA , which we will be publishing in coming days .

Om Sai Ram ,
( Sabka Malik Ek )

Some beautiful Lines said by Sai Baba ……….

# Always listen with peace, what everybody speaks do not be afraid of it, those words cannot pierce the body.

# Perform your duties always, never hold the vanity of doer,Believe always that God is the doer,and offer the results to God always. Then the deed will not bound you and danger of births will not hinder you.

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