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Things to know about Dola Yatra in Odisha


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Traditionally the festivities stretch over a week or two each day marking the traditional festivals of Dola Purnima, Holi, Panchu Dola.

Here are few lesser known facts to Know about this amazing colourful festival of Dola –

Dola Yatra or Dola Melana or Dola Festival is the festival of getting together of Lord Krishna’s idols from different villages or Sahi’s of different circles in Odisha.

The get together is witnessed in different villages/cities across Odisha. Deities from different Villages / Sahi Bhagabat Ghara come to the Melana Padia ( Field) by  Dola/ Bimana, a specially designed Temple-like structure made up of Wood.

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The idols visit the house of devotees to give darshan in the Bimana/Dola.

It is believed that throughout the year the devotees visit the temple for darshan but on the month of Phalguna, the Lord visits the devotees’ place.

Odissi and Gotipua dancers perform in front of the Bimana/Dola.

OdiaLive Team wishing all our visitors a very Happy Dola and a Colourful Holi.

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