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Make Dahibara Aludam at home. Easy Recipe.

Dahibara is a household name in Odisha. Cuttack is famous for Dahibara (DAHIWADA).The stalls & mobile Dahibara wallas are found across the city. Though the yummy Dahibara is found almost everywhere in Odisha the Silver city is famous for it. Dahibara: Urad daal- 100gm Coriander leaves (chopped)- 1cup Mint leaves (chopped)- 1cup Ginger (chopped)- 1/2tsp […]

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Dahi Ambula Recipe

If you love pickles, then this is for you. Try his yummy Dahi Ambula recipe. Dahi Ambula Ingredients 3-4 Ambula 1 tea spoon of fresh mustard paste 1 cup of yogurt (beaten well) 1-2 Green chillies 1/4 tea spoon Mustard seed 1 sprig of curry leaves 1/4 table spoon oil Put the Ambula in water […]

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Crab Curry Recipe

Ingredients for Crab Curry  :  Crabs 6 large, Coconut scraped 1/2 Garlic 8 cloves Whole dry red chillies 8 Cumin seeds 1 teaspoon Turmeric powder 1/4 teaspoon Oil 1 tablespoon Onion sliced 1 large Tamarind pulp 1 tablespoon Salt to taste Garam masala powder 1 teaspoon Process for Crab Curry  : Boil crabs and clean them, only […]

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Chena Chakuli Pitha Recipe

Check out the recipe and try one of the best forms of Odia Chakuli, Chena Chakuli Pitha. Ingredients : Biri (Urad) 250 gram Chaula (Rice)500 gram Nadia Fale (Coconut) Chini 100 gram (Sugar) Ghia (Ghee) Chena 250 gram (Paneer) Chena Chakuli Pitha making Process :  Keep Urad and Rice in water  and then grind it to […]

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Spicy Fry Beetroot Easy Recipe

Enjoy the delicious fry beetroot with Roti, Rice and also you can also have it with Water Rice (Pakhala). Spicy Beetroot Fry Ingredients  Beetroot (pieces) cut into small pieces or grated Onion 1 chopped Green chilli 1chopped Curry leaves few Mustard seeds ½ tsp Asafetida /hing a pinch Chana dal 1tsp Salt to taste Oil […]

foods in odisha Odia Foods and Cuisines

Soya mutter curry recipe

A soya mutter curry that is also very simple to make! Green peas and soya chunks come together in an all-new style! Most of the preparations can be done well in advance, so you can whip this dish together in a jiffy! Boiled onion paste and tomato puree can be made and stored in the […]

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Masala Makka Recipe

Makka Masala is a very yummy dish prepared to serve with Roti. INGREDIENTS : Makka ( Corn ) – 1 Kg Tomato ( Tomato) -100 grm Sukhila Lanka ( Dry Chills ) – 2 Pc Haladi Gunda ( Turmeric powder ) -1 tsp Piaja ( Onion ) -100grm Aada ( Ginger ) – 2inch Rasuna […]

Odia Foods and Cuisines

Phul Kobi Santula

INGREDIENTS Phul Kobi ( Cabbage ) – 750grm Muga Dali ( Green Gram ) -75grm Nadia Kora ( Shredded coconut ) -1 cup Sukhila Lanka ( Dry chilies ) -1pc Rasuna ( Garlic ) -15 cloves Biri Dali ( Black gram ) -2 btps Sorisha ( Mustard seeds ) -2tps Haladi Gunda ( Turmeric powder ) […]

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