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Mati Handi Chicken Recipe

Check out this easy steps to prepare mati handi Chicken Masala recipe. Mati Handi Chicken is a quick and simple to prepare dish. This yummy and delicious recipe of Handi chicken is awesome. Learn how to make Handi chicken. This is an excellent chicken dish for your weekend or holdiay lunch or dinner. Total Time: […]

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Mati Handi Mansa Curry

Mati handi Mansa-Chakuli’  is one of the hot favorite  at any roadside eatery on Cuttack-Bhubaneswar road . Mati handi Mansa is mutton (‘mansa’) marinated with spices and simmered in an earthen pot (‘mati handi’) for an hour on a traditional hearth, till it is cooked. The cooking does not involve frying, sautéing or pressure cooking, […]

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