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Newest hunk in O’town


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In an exclusive interview with OdiaLive, newest hunk in O-town Avishek speaks about his upcoming films,co-stars ,Ollywood and favourites.

(In the below OL stands for OdiaLive and AV for Avishek)

Name: Avisekh Rath

Friends call you: Avi or AvR

DOB: 13.03.1992

OL) Upcoming Films:

AV) Two more upcoming films whose title yet to be finalised.

OL) Role Model :

AV) Sourav Ganguly ( come back king ) makes me believe that you can come back and get what you want with shear dedication.

OL) Favourite movie:

AV) It’s a very long list actually .

OL) Favorite Actors:

 AV) Salman for the way he is , SRK for his acting , Hrithik and Sahid for their dance , Amir khan for his perfection in everything , Amitabh Bachaan for all round quality and above all Dillip Kumar .

OL) With which Ollywood star you wish to work with?

AV) Well Nothing like that. I would love to work with anyone <3

OL) About ACP Sagarika :

AV) Well an action thriller , with a original story . Lovely music and some wonderful sequences. Iam playing the main lead and my character name is karan .

OL) Experience working with Archita :

AV) Wonderful experience  . She is just so perfect with everything  and as she belonged to my college , so we had that Kiit-ian kinda bond that worked.

OL) Ollywood after 5 years:

AV) Well it’s growing bigger and better day by day and am loving to be a part of it. Looking forward to meet up everyone’s expectations.

OL) Hobbies:

AV) Cricket, music , and I love to workout .

OL) About Ollywood:

AV) Industry with some finest actors , directors , musicians and technicians . Glad to work with them

OL) About Premika :

AV) Well it’s a multi starring and I am one of the three leads . It’s basically a story of three friends. excited about its release too .

OL) About Co-star Prakruti:  

AV) She is one of my very good friends  – we tease . fight . have meals together and we both are like of the same age so we are very comfortable to work with each other.

OL) Favourite Odia song:

AV) Mun Para desi Chadei

OL) What more  surprises this year:

 AV) Atleast Few More Big  Action Packed Films

OL) Message to fans:

AV) Love You all and I hope I match to your expectations . I just want all your love and good wishes .

OL) About OdiaLive:

AV) Terrific and mind blowing online publicity thing to take up Ollywood publicity to a higher level .

OL) You love to work with Love stories or action movies:

AV) Well either of those, I would rather love to do love cum action packed films )

End Note: Yes Lastly I would conclude my saying that I have always believed that if your passion becomes your profession – no one can stop you from reaching your destination – Well acting was always my passion – So I just hope it helps me in reaching my destination . Fingers crossed \/ 

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