Gupta Sports | The Oldest Sports Shop of Cuttack in Baliyatra 2012


The show had already begun from today i.e 28th November 2012 cross the river bed of Mahanadi.OdiaLive brings you the 1st Look of the most famous and biggest trade fair in Odisha “BALIYATRA”.Bali yatra is held over 37 acres, of which 23 acres are on the Mahanadi river bed and 14 on Kila Maidan near the Barabati fort.The historic Bali Yatra began in Cuttack on Thursday. It is said that you will find everything here for purchase  expect family members.The festive is also famous for special Thunkapuri  .Join us this Bali yatra .

Like every year this year also Gupta Sports , the oldest Sports Shop of Cuttack has come up with developed Fitness Kit for all the visitors of the historic BaliYatra Cuttack.Visit the stall for Special Bali Yatra Discount.

Why Gupta Sports ?

  • Bring Fitness to Home 
  • The Oldest in this Business in Cutaack.
  • Book a Health Machine This Baliyatra and avail special Discounts and Offers.
  • Exercise with Comfort at your Home . 

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Cuttack baliyatra 2012