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Anshupa Lake

The Anshupa Lake is situated on the lap of Saranda and Bishnupur hills, Cuttack District, Odisha, India. The main attraction of the lake is its natural beauty. This small but extremely picturesque lake holds a prominent position in the tourist map of Odisha for its beauty, proximity to Cuttack and the fact that till the recent past, it used to play host to migratory birds during winter.

The Ansupa is a horseshoe shaped fresh water lake on the left bank of the Mahanadi opposite Banki in Cutack district. It is at present about 5 kms long and 1.6 kms wide. The lake stands at the foot of the Saranda hills. This attractive tourist spot is around 70kms  from The Silvercity Cuttack .

It is bounded by Saranda hills on the western side and Bishnupur hills on its northern side, part of eastern Ghat region. It is linked directly with river by a channel, Kabula Nalla, which acts as both inlet and outlet, through which flood water enters the lake and excess water also goes out after the flood. This lake has assumed international importance, as it is home to several migratory as well as domiciled birds. According to the inland wetlands of India report, there were 11,860 individuals from 42 bird species.

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