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Origin of Sri Jagannath Puri

King Indradyumna’s Desire King Indradyumna was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and was very eager to meet Him face to face. At one time, by the Lord’s arrangement, a devotee of the Lord arrived in the court of King Indradyumna, and in the course of the discussion, he began to talk about an incarnation […]

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History of Shree Khetra

Puri the spiritual capital of the State is popularly known as Shree Khetra. ‘Shree’ means ‘Mahalaxmi’, the wife of Lord Jagannatha, and ‘Khetra’ means land/kingdom. So Puri is the kingdom of Mahalaxmi who happens to be the goddess of wealth, beauty, and prosperity. Puri the spiritual capital of the state of Odisha and popularly known […]

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Gangadhar Meher Renowned Odia Poet

Born: 9 August 1862 (On the full moon day of Sravan Purnima) Barpali, Bargarh, Odisha, India Died : 4 April 1924 (aged 61)[1] Pen Name: Swabhaba Kabi Occupation: Judicial Moharir (Accountant) Language: Odia/ Oriya Education: Std V Genre: Poet Subject: Devotion Notable works: Tapaswini, Rasa-Ratnakara, Balaram-dev, Pranaya Ballari, Kichaka Badha, Indumati (First Published work), Ayodhya […]

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Hati Besha or Gaja Besha Of Lords At Jagannath Temple In Puri

Hati Besha or Gaja Besha Of Lords At Jagannath Temple In Puri held every year on the eve of Snana Purnima, lakhs of devotees visit the holy city Puri in Odisha to have a glimpse of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra along with Sudarshan in Gajanan Besha, the elephant attire on the holy Snana […]