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Kahat Kabir by Susmita Das

The songs in “Raag-Bairag” are presented in a tradition that transcends time. The compositions are hundreds of years old have stood the test of universal appeal for centuries.The melody,which makes the classical meet the contemporary,is rejuvenating.It is blend that beats the oxymoron of Piety and Plenty. Eminent singer Susmita Das’s Raag Bairag has  Meera Bhajan […]

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Amit Tripathy’s Lord’s Heart

Odia music director, Lyricist and singer Amit Tripathy has come up with his New Year Special Hindi devotional music album  “Lord’s Heart”. Last Year 6 devotional music album including Lord Jagannath Bhajan “Jagata Jagannatha Maya”, Bhakta ra Bhagawan, Jagannatha Nama, Chalo Puri Dham, etc & 1 Odia Ghazal album To Bina was released. Like all […]

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Deras Dam , Jhumka & Elephant Sanctuary

Deras Dam and Jhumka are two beautiful tourist destinations located in Khurda district .The distance between Deras & Bhubaneswar is about 15 kms.Deras and Jhumka are actually two dams but the exhilarating scenic beauty of the place has made it a good picnic spot.Thousands of picnickers visit this place to enjoy a day out in […]