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Namrata Mohanty’s tribute to Legendary Akshaya Mohanty

The legendary Akshaya Mohanty had composed music for about 75 movies. He has made experiments with themes, words and in recording and producing special sound effects. But there are a lot more unsung incredible lyrics of the legendary singer . lyricist and composer of Odisha .For the first time, some from those incredible songs penned […]

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Top 6 grand mom Odia Poems

In the era of multimedia , market is full of dvds /vcds of cartoons , Hindi/English poems .But unfortunately we won’t find any vcds/dvds of those beautiful tracks / lyrics that every grand mothers sings for her grand son/daughter . Everytime I enquire if there is any vcds available of such kind , unfortunately I […]

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Namrata Mohanty’s Ninad

Ninad  was released in 2014 with Chhuti Odia modern album by  renowned singer Namrata Mohanty . Namrata Mohanty  hails from the silver city of Odisha “Cuttack” and is an All India Radio artiste since 1983.She  had been groomed by several exponents such as Dhananjay Satpathy , A Maheshwar Rao and Shantanu Das . Both the […]