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Poem on Save girl child

Phoola : The Poem by Sumit Panda Kaanla phoola ra naram pakhuda, Jebe nua ki kaanli thae, Ati seneha sradha kutira re Badhiba boli se bhabuthae Naram pakhuda!Maa hrudaya re tiki jaga tie khoju thae, Aau kaha mana se ki bujhiba nija vabisyata bhabu thae, Gotie muhurta banchiba pain nija saha sangharsa karuthae, Bahar dunia pratikhya […]

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4th Odia Film Fair 2013 awardees

 Click to visit the official facebook page of Odia Film Fair Awards 2014 Odisha Film Fair Awards is one of the biggest honour the excellence of Odia Cinema,actors,actresses and techical crew,presented annually by white canvas.OFFA has became the trend setter in the field of appreciating and awarding the deserving based on their performances and talent.It […]

ekamra haat Incredible Odisha Lord Jagannath Nabakalebara Lord Jagannath-The-God-of-the-Universe Tourist Place in Odisha

Crafted Bottles from the Craft man’s Village

The above featured image is of “Crafted Bottles/Art Bottles” are a true collector’s delight.These bottles are painted in enrapture art form, depicting scenes from the life of Lord Jagannath. Unique, with a burst of colours, they make an irresistible buy.These bottles are mainly made by the villagers of Raghurajpur.The village is popularly known as The […]

Mathas in Puri

Mathas in Puri are developed with the following main objectives: (i) To preach and spread the great Jagannath culture and the essence of Hinduism. (ii) To give shelter to the pilgrims of different sects and saints. (iii) To involve and support in different rituals and Nitis of the temple. (iv) To donate food to the distress e, beggars,poor […]