Pala : The witness of Odisha’s rich Culture


Pala , a stage show consisting of a team of 5-6 members with one as head known as “Gayaka” means the narrator of the subject (Mostly from Holy Books) suppoerted by the “Palias”.
It is said that the Gayaka has to seek the blessings of Goddess Durga to learn this art & also to learn the holy Books.
This show is found mostly in the villages which is now going to extint.
According to the villagers, the people get vast knowledge of Puranas & vedas by listening to the Gayaka & used to gift him with money.
Pala was one of the prominent acts in the past which is losing its value & importance in the age of Films & Internet.

Let’s Join Hands to Keep our rich Culture & Heritage alive .




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  1. These days very counted number of people come to see PALA . But the show is full of spiritual knowledge . Nice to see it here & The gallery is beautiful too .

    Odialive rocks .

  2. I Just love Pala Comedy .

    Nice Gallery in Click Odisha Segment ,

    The Best segment of any website of Odisha .

  3. Nice Promo of OdiaLive . Just watched the video . Got More that wat u told abt this promo . Theatre mein chalo yaar .

    This is what we called Student strength . Khali IIT / IIMs ke student unique nehi kar sakte hum bhi kar sakte hein .

    OdiaLive All the BEST .

  4. I am an ardent lover of “Pala”. During my childhood (sixties & seventies) I have watched many Pala shows. I enjoy the themes, the special way of narration by quoting different famous literatures, the comedies- everything. A few days back, I watched a “Baadi Pala” show in the Oriya TV channel “PRARTHANA”. It was really nice to watch such a programme after a long gap.

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