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Director – Sudhakar Basant

Producer – Anuprash Mohanty & Anubhav Mohanty

Star Cast –  Anubhav Mohanty,Pradeep Rawat, Sudhakar Basant,Bindu Choudhury and other

Dussehera is one of the most famous festival of Odisha/Orissa  & is the time when the production houses tries their luck by coming up to release their new packed  movies. Last Year in 2011 four movies were released & all the movies made their mark in the box office. Last Year Dussehera releases were –

  • Balunga Toka
  • Criminal
  • Dosti
  • Chandini I miss You

While this dussehera  3 Big banner movies are all set to hit theatres . Superstar Anubhav Mohanty will be seen for the 1st time as a cop in the silverscreen in his home production film “ACP RANVEER” .Ollywood star actress Aparajita Mohanty coming up with “Love Master” her 1st movie under her production house “SaiMa Productions” is also released today. Sarthak Productions is all on the race with their 5th Movie “Parsuram” starring superstar Aridam & chulbuli Barsa & expected to be released on 21st Oct 2012.


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  1. watched A.C.P RANVEER a nice movie of Anubhav Mohanty story n action is same as the mix of force n singham over all its really mind blowing …….. in cuttacki language market neigala…… one of the dialog is “TO BOPA KU KAHIDABU E SAHARAKU TA BAAPA AASICHI” its sound really awesome n the sound clarity suberb ……… simpley boleto “KANA NA HEICHI MA “…………… Anubhav Mohanty rocks………

  2. Today i saw both Acp & love master….ACP is remake of Gharsana where as love master is reamke of Brindaban…i like both…bt according to remake wise Acp is far better than both film some scenes are changed from original,…now waiting for Parsuram…

  3. Complete movie package n 1 of d best action thriller till now ever seen in ollywood. . Even its a mixture of force, singham, Indian, Ready. . Even all those r remake too. But this is better than those.

  4. ACP Ranveer is jst a awsme n mindblowing movie.really our super star AnubhavMohanty hrdwrk 4 it.n its a bst result of his wrk.main attraction of this movie is song scene which are really nice n sweet.then wht a fighting scene jst waw……. Some scene inspired or follow by other movie bt nt copy or remake.its really a real story by our real hero Anubhav Mohanty.In one line is mindblowing jhakss suprp n full entrtning jst roaring lik sher in all odisha……. Sry sher nuhe Babbar sher………:)

  5. my review for ACP RANVEER
    MOVIE RATING : 2/5
    what is good: performances by the star actor ANUBHAV & PRADEEP RAWAT
    what is bad:except performance by the star everything is wash out from storey to screen play did not understand in which case money was utilised properly as its high budget movie.
    now coming to storey part it’s a mixture of force and some othr bollywood movies and also had sequences similar to force & action wise similiar to singhaam & agneepath & the most embrassing scene in the pic is that ,a villian named panda has given the look of kancha cheena played by sanjaya dutt in AGNEEPATH.
    one thing am agree that is has taken action of ollywood cinema to a new level & tht’s for sure.MUSIC which an integral part of the movie seems not so good & very bad choreography.
    in short if you have not watched force and a die hard fan of ANUBHAV then should go for it & it’s worth watchable,just 1 time watch only 2 see ANUBHAV & PRADEEP RAWAT’S damdaar dialogue & highly packed action scene.

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